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    "We beleive that everybody

    shoud reach their full potential."


    "Fair multicultural oppertunities matters."


    Ricardo Dube


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    OTTAWA - Thursday, June 11, 2020

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says,

    there is systemic racism in all systems

    that govern the country, including

    Canada’s national police force.


    TSR 2022 

    Public invitations  


    The segregation report 2022, is a ground breaking independent communique that outlines the state of multiculturalism and its future in North America.


    It will set the stage for a personal lawsuit of $40,000,000 dollar against the government of Canada, multiculturalism, adoption, entrapment and Justin Trudeau blackface.


    This is the lawsuit of the 21 century, the lawsuit that will open the doors for a public inquiry into systematic racism in North America.


    AMO247.com is currently looking for people who feel segregated and no longer want to be part of the old north americain multicultural model, people fustrated and fed up with the current north american multicultural economic direction. If you fit this description keep on reading.


    If you are an individual, a small company or a regroupment of any kind and feel that between 1981 and 2020 you couln't develope and grow your business to its full potential because of a lack of fair multicultural opportunities. If you are an individual and belive that between 1981 and 2020 you have been discriminated, harassed, provoked or injured, by law enforcement and government agents, you are more than welcome to joined my class action.


    If anyone outhere with the right qualifications, who thinks that they can provide some help, in order to defeat multiculturalism inequality you must contact me as soon as possible.

    contact info : amo247donation@protonmail.com