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    a $40,000,000 dollars lawsuit

    Mr. Dube claim
    that his adoption
    by French Canadians

    the constitutional

    turmoil between

    the federal

    government of Canada

    and the province

    of Quebec

    have forced him
    to grow up
    has a minority
    within a minority
    in a white hostile
    the high level
    of corruption and racism
    among Canada
    law enforcement agencies
    political parties
    and overall
    educational system
    have led Mr. Dube
    under the influence
    of false narratives
    to comit crime
    and this have affected
    his self-esteem
    his mental equilibrium
    and prosperity
    despite his obvious
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    Plaintiff testimony: 

    social education system in the province of Quebec.

    "do you know why black people have the palm of their hands white, its's because god forgot to paint them black."


    this is the kind of jokes Mr. Ricardo Dube heard and had to endure on a daily basis in school growing up in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

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    Iam suing the governement of Canada based on

    the premise of sytematic racism.

    Claiming that, my academics, artistics

    and social developement

    where directly affected by the 1995

    Quebec referendum

    and the languistique turbulence

    between the French canadians

    and English factions inside Canada.    

    How much should you worth today ? 

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     the price of slavery..

    multiculturalism price tag..

    how much should you worth today..


    Being the #1 man in information

    is worth a lot of money.

    I proclaimed to be the #1 source of information when it comes to multiculturalism in north America

    based on my book series concept, the segregation report that i produced and the overall artistic content related to the mass confusion series.

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    If i would have been taught

    to speak english properly

    at school

    i would i have been

    a multi-millionaire

    by the age of 30

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    after taking a good look

    at the most successful

    and famous american artists

    and business entrepreneur

    such as Drake, Kevin Hart

    and Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson

    for example

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    On my prime

    with my charisma...


    "In front of a black audience, i truly beleive that i could have been a bigger star than Sylvester Stallone."

    You might think

    that this is not realistic

    to compare myself

    with the American elite.

    To prove my point

    beyond a shadow of a doubt,

    I've created and crafted

    from scratch an independent


    on the sate of multiculturalism

    in North America called TSR 2022

    I have also wrote

    a book series called

    multiculturalism a total failure

    I've put together

    a sound track 

    for my book series

    with my own beats and lyrics.  


    I've launched

    a YouTube channel

    called XIT

    I've built 3 websites

    to advertise my products

    and get supports for my lawsuit :

    tsr2022.inf0 - amo247.com


    I think that if I had received

    the same privileges

    given the same opportunities

    at the right time

    I would have been 10× bigger

    than any of these guys today

    based my natural creativity

    artistic skills and intelligence