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    "Canada and the United States never fully trusted their immigrants"  


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    "demands of highly skilled

    immigrants in the U.S. labor market

    since 1991 is now reflecting

    what America will

    turn out to be by 2030."


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    Do we need

    more immigrants?

    or do we need

    to shutdown

    our borders?


    "remember the Chinese

    exclusion act of 1882?

    Fallowed by the

    immigration act of 1924?

    This is not America first rodeo

    and this North American

    multicultural saga

    is far from being over. "



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    The logo speak for its self

    The title says it all


    Enough talk, enough broken promises, no more money thrown around just to look good and being politically correct.


    AMO is the foundation

    of the future

    leading the way for a better multicultural world.


    AMO is putting foward

    real solutions

    assisting those in need

    with the proper resources

    and strategy to implement fair multicultural opportunities.




    AMO is a private non profit oriented foundation dedicated to help people who struggle with multiculturalism.
    AMO247.com is designed to educate and to promote a new Multucultural vision more suitable, more equal for every north Americans and every person around the world.
    the content and ideas shared across this platform might not be suitable for everyone discretion is advised.