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    "the world is on edge..."


    "we want some change

    and we want it now.."


    Ricardo Dube


    This is a difficult
    but extraordinary
    moment in time
    and I would like to take
    this opportunity
    to talk about my story
    and the reason why
    I started AMO.
    "I’ve been in Canada
    for over thirty some years
    and I never could
    quite feel at home
    I always thought to myself
    what am I doing here."
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    Although i arrived in Canada in 1981,

    i got my full citizenship only in 1994.

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    Looking back at my adoption..


    I think that the major reason why it didn't work in my case as to do with a system that was ill prepared at the time to support and help adopted kids and their adoptive parents.

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    Born in the poorest
    country in the world,
    abandoned at a young age,
    adopted by French Canadians
    my story is one of a kind
    and I think that I am the right
    and perfect person
    to talk about multiculturalism
    and what should be done
    to make it better.
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    I was fortunate enough

    to escape Haiti harsh reality

    only to wake up

    in a multicultural world

    where languages,

    sexual orientation

    and religions collides

    and dictate someone's

    chance to succeed.

    After my adoptive

    parents divorced,

    I was send to live with my

    adoptive dad and his boyfriend

    in Quebec City.


    It was not eazy growing up

    in the mid 80s early 90s

    having to deal with racism

    and people sarcasracism

    towards my adoptive dad


    I couldn't find someone

    or something I could relate to.

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    30 years later

    I still find hard

    to relate to someone

    with the same

    background as me.

    I think there's a huge gap

    that needs to be adjusted

    when it comes to fair

    multicultural opportunities

    in reality versus what

    we see on TV.

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    With the vision that I had in 2019,

    with 30 plus years of observation,

    with a book series, a sound track

    a documentary in the making

    and a multi million dollar lawsuit

    my story is far from being over.

    It is time to re-establish

    multiculturalism soul purpose

    it is time to remodel

    multiculturalism economic concept

    throughout North America

    and the rest of the world.